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Tangled (2010)

Flower gleam and glow, let your powers shine. Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine. Heal what has been hurt, change the fates design. Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine. What once was mine.

Day 1 – Your favorite male character


Day 2 – Your favorite female character


Day 3 – Your overall favorite character


Day 4 – Your least favorite character

Bart Bass

Day 5 – Your favorite couple

Chuck and Blair!!

Day 6 – Your least favorite couple

Rufus & Ivy, Lilly & Bart Bass

Day 7 – Your favorite friendship

Blair & Serena 

Day 8 – Your favorite season

Either the first or the second one.

Day 9 – Your least favorite season

Probably the 4th one ?

Day 10 – Your favorite episode

The very last one 

Day 11 – Your least favorite episode


Day 12 – Your favorite secondary character


Day 13 – A couple you want to happen

Vanessa & Nate

Day 14 – Something you hate about Gossip Girl


Day 15 – Your favorite OMG moment

When Chuck & Jenny hooked up

Day 16 – A scene that makes you happy

Every Chuck & Blair love scene

Day 17 – A scene that makes you cry/sad

When Chuck almost died

Day 18 – A scene that makes you angry

Scences with Bart pretty much

Day 19 – A scene that makes you laugh

Tons of them

Day 20 – Your favorite song played on Gossip Girl

Good Girls Go Bad

Day 21 – Your favorite scene from Gossip Girl

Scenes with Chuck and Blair

Day 22 – Your favorite quote from Gossip Girl

Day 23 – An episode you wish never happened

Day 24 – Your favorite Gossip Girl Premiere

Not sure

Day 25 – Your favorite Gossip Girl Finale

The the last one<3

Day 26 – The most overrated character

Day 27 – The most underrated character

Day 28 – Something you wish happened but didn’t

Jenny coming back

Day 29 – Something you wish didn’t happen but did

The drama between Serena and Dan

Day 30 – Your favorite Gossip Girl actor/actress

Leighton Meeser

Day 1: Your favorite female character?


Day 2: Your favourite male character?

Wade !

Day 3: Are you team Wade, George or neither, why?

Wade just because he brings out a different side of Zoe and the same for Wade.

Day 4: Who did you ship most during the first episode?

Zoe and George 

Day 5: Who is you OTP now?

AnnaBeth & Lavon !

Day 6: Your favourite friendship?

Zoe & Lavon 

Day 7: Character with the best hair?


Day 8: Favourite episode so far?

When Zoe kept trying to stay away from Wade

Day 9: Favourite Zoe moment so far?

Lol too many to name

Day 10: Favourite actress?

McKaley Miller
Day 11: Favourite actor?

Day 12: The character you relate to most?


Day 13: Something you wish happened but didn’t?
Day 14: Your predictions for the next episodes?
Day 15: Something that happened that you wished didn’t?
Day 16: Your favourite quote from show?
Day 17: You’re favourite supporting character?
Day 18: A character that annoys you?
Day 19: A character that always makes you smile?
Day 20: Your least favourite male character?
Day 21: Your least favourite female character?
Day 22: Your favourite storyline?
Day 23: The character whose place you’d take?
Day 24: An unlikely couple that you think could work?
Day 25: An outfit you’d steal?
Day 26: When did you start watching the show?
Day 27: I didn’t see that coming moment?
Day 28: Favorite guest star character?
Day 29: Best moment of your favorite ship?
Day 30: An actor/actress you’d love to see on Hart of Dixie as a regular? 

1. I wished I still lived in my old house in Elkhorn

2 I am the pickiest eater ever. If it smells weird I won’t touch it.

3. I eat McDonalds almost every day

4. I suck at everything

5. I have several regrets but I stay positive about it the best I can

6. I met my soul mate when I was 15.

7. I cant wait to marry him one day, hopefully soon.

8. I don’t know what to do with my life.

9. My life is so boring

10. I want more than anything to get my cat down out of the tree.

11. I have a HUGE fear of driving in the rain

12. I dont have an iphone, never have.

13. Ive only had two boyfriends in my life.

14. Captain Morgan is my favorite liquor. 

15. I am shy at first. 

16. I have bad anxiety, it gets in my way and I  cant control it. 

17. I say fuck it to much. 

18. Things bother me way more than I let on. 

19. I want a tattoo I just dont know what I actually want forever.

20. I think way too much on things

21.  I cant go in a store in sweats or without my hair done.

22. My dream life is live in a beach house. 

23. I want four kids, two boys - two girls.

24. I collect movies. 

25. Im addicted to Flower Shop 

26. My favorite smell is Apple 

27. I want to move out of my parents house and live with my boy. 

28. I wish I could get my nails done, or at least be able to paint them my self.

29. I love Miley Cyrus old Hair.

30. I want a pet dolphin

31. I’ve never been to Disney World 

32. I am obsessed with Disney btw.

33. I cant dance, draw, and pretty much anything else.

34. I cant stand being in a car without any music. No radio at all though.

35. I love rugrats more than anything in the world<3 

Taking the easy way out always seems like the best way. But what do you get out of it really? Disappoint, depression? Nothing. In order to accomplish great things involves hard work. You gotta give in order to get back. You may loss things. But when you get to your achievement the risk was worth it all. And there’s no better feeling then that. Love, is kinda the same thing.

Give up on love, you get nothing. Work for it, you get the world. Love is powerful and wonderful in many ways. It’s not easy even though you think it should. And it should. But this is reality and reality is you have to work for love.

Every couple fight. It’s healthy. It doesn’t mean anything else. Just a disagreement. Forgiving and moving on is the key. Quitting and thinking you’re wrong for each other, isn’t the answer. But then again, if you don’t want to fix it, then maybe you don’t love them in the first place.

It’s scary. Feeling that much for someone. That someone actually holds that much power over you. It’s not a bad thing to care a lot for someone, it’s a good thing. And don’t run away from it. Everyone gets scared at times. You run you’ll regret it and be miserable and everyday thinking what if. And that’s no way to live. That person will always be there for you and to reassure you they care for you.

Nobody’s perfect for anyone. Only way someone is, is loving with all their heart. risk everything for you. always there for you. Just cause they have a flaw, doenst mean you should shut them out. the flaw you give them is the same flaw there gonna give you in return. And interests really doesnt matter. If you love them, love them who cares if they have a different opinion.

Its a rollercoaster kinda rush. You have your ups, and your downs. And the ride is always worth wide in the end. 

(I wrote this)

Jack! Nightmare Before Christmas!

More people should believe this!

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