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I have moved out of my moms house and moved into a place with my boo<3

I FINALLY am an owner of an Iphone (About Time)

It took 3 days but we finally got our weird ass cat out of the tree. He did however, got stuck once again just a month ago lol. He never learned. 

I am on nerve medicine now and my anxiety isn’t so bad. On the plus side, I have for some odd reason have been going out without my hair fixed and in sweats, here lately. 

I now want 3 kids instead of four - 2 girls 1 Boy
Elaina, Alyssa, and Carson <3

But I am really liking the name Hazel Winter right now. lol 

I no longer play Flower Shop :( 

Tangled (2010)

Flower gleam and glow, let your powers shine. Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine. Heal what has been hurt, change the fates design. Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine. What once was mine.

Day 1 – Your favorite male character


Day 2 – Your favorite female character


Day 3 – Your overall favorite character


Day 4 – Your least favorite character

Bart Bass

Day 5 – Your favorite couple

Chuck and Blair!!

Day 6 – Your least favorite couple

Rufus & Ivy, Lilly & Bart Bass

Day 7 – Your favorite friendship

Blair & Serena 

Day 8 – Your favorite season

Either the first or the second one.

Day 9 – Your least favorite season

Probably the 4th one ?

Day 10 – Your favorite episode

The very last one 

Day 11 – Your least favorite episode


Day 12 – Your favorite secondary character


Day 13 – A couple you want to happen

Vanessa & Nate

Day 14 – Something you hate about Gossip Girl


Day 15 – Your favorite OMG moment

When Chuck & Jenny hooked up

Day 16 – A scene that makes you happy

Every Chuck & Blair love scene

Day 17 – A scene that makes you cry/sad

When Chuck almost died

Day 18 – A scene that makes you angry

Scences with Bart pretty much

Day 19 – A scene that makes you laugh

Tons of them

Day 20 – Your favorite song played on Gossip Girl

Good Girls Go Bad

Day 21 – Your favorite scene from Gossip Girl

Scenes with Chuck and Blair

Day 22 – Your favorite quote from Gossip Girl

Day 23 – An episode you wish never happened

Day 24 – Your favorite Gossip Girl Premiere

Not sure

Day 25 – Your favorite Gossip Girl Finale

The the last one<3

Day 26 – The most overrated character

Day 27 – The most underrated character

Day 28 – Something you wish happened but didn’t

Jenny coming back

Day 29 – Something you wish didn’t happen but did

The drama between Serena and Dan

Day 30 – Your favorite Gossip Girl actor/actress

Leighton Meeser

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